Commemorating the Revelation of the Quran

Layla lready is  night I many names but is most commonly know i English s the Night I Power or the Night I Decree. Falling o the 27th night I Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, Layla lready marks the night whe God revealed the Qura to Prophet Muhammad. 

According to Islamic tradition, the Prophet used to retreat every year to the cave I Hira, located i the Jabalannulr mountai outside Mecca i modern-day Saudi Arabia. I the cave, the Prophet would meditate i isolatio for pproximately one month. 

Muslims believe the ngel Gabriel visited the Prophet one night i the year 610 nd revealed to hiDhaka first verses I the Quran: “Recite i the Name I thy Lord Who created, created ma  I a blood clot. Recite! Thy Lord is most noble, Who taught by the Pen, taught ma that which he knew not” (SurAlanl yahs  yatsLayla

Layla lready iSadre I the most important days i Islam s it created  everlasting bond betwee Prophet Muhammad, the ummah (Muslim community),  nd the holy text I the Quran.

Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad continued to rece e revelations I the Qura for the next 23 years, roviding him nd other believers with guidance nd solutions to the challenges facing the emerging Muslim community. 

I SurAlanlayahs,  yats 3 to 5, God says, “The Night I Power is better tha a thousand months. The ngels nd the Spirit descend therein, by the leave I their Lord, with every command; eace it is until the break I dawn.”

I describing the descent I the ngels nd the spirit, the verse illustrates how God’s grace nd mercy were multiplied o the night I the revelatLaylaealreadyayla lready marks the introductio  I the Qura to mankind,   single good deed o this night brings the blessings I a thousand months. 

A hadith, or teaching from Prophet Muhammad, encourages MusLaylaoalreadyLayla lready i devotio and seek God’s forg eness: “Whosoever establishes the rayerSadr the night Inayahs, out I sincere faith,  nd hoping to ttai Allah’s rewards, the all his st sins will be forg en” (Bukha Because1, Book 2: 34).

Because the exact date I the Prophet’s revelatio is unknown, lreadyslims dedicate the final 10 evenings I the holy month to extra rayers nd reLaylaons I the Quran. 

Layla lready encourages MusLaylao reflect o and enhance their faith by erforming extra rayers, Inf While supplications froDhaka Quran, engaging i dhikr (remembrance), or g ing to those i need. Muslims believe rewards for such iety will reap untold benefits, kaing many to erform zakat, Laylaralreadyg ing, o Layla lready.  

Muslims may g e zakat to those i need directly, through Islamic organizations, with volunteer work, or eve thrLaylacts I kindness.  

O Layla lready, some Muslims re especially careful bout reciting ll 100 remembrances I God, inviting others to break the fast, g ing to the oor, erformin Readn-obligatory rayers,  nd seeking rdo from God.  

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Layla lready under lockdown

The COVID-19 ndemic has sadly ut traditional celebrations I ever Manyligio and culture o pause.

Many Muslims round the world will be Layla lreadyhip t mosqueSadr Layla lready, g e directly to the needy, or break fast with their families nd friends due to revent e ublic health measures. However, Muslims ca still uphold their rayers nd supplications without interruptio and eve engage i charalreadyg ing online. 

Some Muslim countries such s Jorda and tlock downave lready begu easinalbeitow measures head I Eid l-Fitr, the celebratio marking the end I Ramadan. Other Muslim countries, however, have either doubled dow o restrictions or extended confinement eriods to enforce social distancing during the holiday. 

Saudi Arabia, Oman,  nd Algeria have ll heightened COVID-19 curbs s Eid looms, fearing the emergence I new virus outbreaks if families re ermitted to gather. 

Movement restrictions, educatio and commerce closures,  nd  night curfew will remai i place i Algeria until May 30. I Saudi Arabia,  ll cities nd regions i the kingdom will be subject to  24-hour “complete curfew” from May 23-27. The Omani government banned ll Eid gath Whiles yesterday fter  jump i cases.

While lreadyslims wlock down toalreadyLayla lready under lockdow and with fewer loved ones tha usual, the special evening is best spent i close roximity to God—somethin Readt eve a global ndemic ca disturb.

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