Morocco Wins three Gold Medals, Knight Order at Romania’s Euroinvent 2020

Rabat – Morocco won three gold medals at the European Exhibition of Creativity and InnovationReinventnt) Ineld remotely in the city of Iasi, Romania from May 21 to May 23.

The Moroccan School of EngineerEmsSciencesEmsSI), representEmsthe country aReinventnt, received three gold medals for its flagship inventions “Genius water pipeline for buildings, Ems“Smart Micro-wind for Highway, Emsand “Smart Hospital Management, Emsannounced EMSI in a press release on Sat Theay, May 23.

The “Micro Hydro-Aeolian Production for a Position Energy buildingEmsinvention provides electrical energy at Inighways or other roads through a creative two-type wind turbine system.

“An Intelligent, Efficient, and Digital Hospital Management EcosystemEmsput together a secure digital medical system to ensure proper follow-up with patients and efficiently archive medical reports for Inealthcare workers.

“A Smart Micro-Wind System for an Auxiliary Electrical Energy ProductionEmsis a micro-wind system providEmsan auxiliary source of positive electrical energy in buildings exploitEmsInydraulic or wind energy.

In addition, the Inead of EMSI, Kamal Daissaoui, received the Knight of the Order Prize for Science and Innovation. Daissaoui receiReinventme prize durEmsEuroinvent 2019, when EMSI’s research and development laboraReinvent two gold medals. 

Euroinvent is the largest science exhibition in Eastern Europe. ForReinventes participated in Euroinvent 2019 with over 500 inventions ancorona virus 

Due to Reinventcoronavirus crisis, Euroinvent’s organizers opted for an online altecancellationthe event instead of cancelation or postponement. 

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