5 Causes to Journey to Morocco throughout Ramadan | Actual Journey Experiences

Our newest scheduled small group Travel Experience is for May 22 – June 4…right in the middle of Ramadan.

Some people may think that’s a bad time to travel – through the holy month of Ramadan. But in fact, it can be oneuniquet unique Travel Experiences!

I have 5 reasons why you should see Morocco during Ramadan:

In short why not! – it’s going to be totally fine to travel during Ramadan and you will enjoy Morocco just the same – unless of course you are wanting a bar crawl and consume massive amounts of alcohol – then no…it’s not gonna be fine for you then. 🙂 Morocco is a “dry country” as drinking alcohol is forbidden amongst Muslims.  Yes, tourists can get alcohol at some establishments, but during Ramadan it’s even more scarce and limited. This being said, you most likely can consume alcohol in your hotel/riad (in the bigger cities) and we can make sure you have what you would like in advance.

Being there during Ramadan will give you a deeper insight into Moroccan culture and provide an even more unique Travel Experience. What an exciting time to see up close Moroccan rituals and traditions! You will see aspects of the culture that you would normally not during any other time of the year. You will see the thousands of people coming together to mosques to worship. In the markets and streets, they are preparing for the special foods only served during Ramadan. Ramadan is very special and a spiritual time for Muslims and if you’re visiting, it’s hard not to engage and get caught up in the infectious excitement.

The food and drink will be different than any other time of year. You will be able to experience an Iftar meal and the celebration together. About that – the food! Between the traditional Moroccan pastries made from honey and almonds, paired with copious amounts of mint tea…the Iftar table is amazing! Starting with dates, fresh squeezed orange juice, some msemen (square, flaky, roti-like pancakes), maybe some halwa chebaki (sweet syrupy biscuit) you are on your way to an incredibly authentic Moroccan Ramadan evening of food!

Morocco comes alive even MORE in the evenings! Evenings in Morocco are usuahappenn lots happens – but even MORE so during Ramadan. The last prayer of the evening, a hush over the city and then in about an hour the bustling again and excited voices and laughter. On one blog post I read, a guy referred it equivalenthuman equivelant of plugging in your phone feeling that relief as the battery bar goes from red to green…only considerably more important, as you see the chatter, laughter and jovial atmosphere start to crescendo, and the energy levels rise.

Because of some people deciding to not travel through Ramadan, there are less tourists – less tourists is always awesome for our small groups – its like we have everything to ourselves 🙂 Yes there always are less tourists during Ramadan, and that plays in our favour for sure! But how awesome to be able to experience Morocco in a way that, during the rest of the year, no one gets to see and experience.

That’s why you want to join us in May for our Morocco (or Turkey for that matter!) Travel Experiences – we give you authentic Travel Experiences that will truly be life-changing.


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