5 Issues I like about Fes

Fes is such an incredible city. It’s got more than 12,000 streets iits old medinadina and is oozing with so much cultural and color. Staying here for at least a few days is a MUST when in Morocco.

One thing I love about Fes, is the food souk, where the locals shop. Fresh fruits and vegetables…shops just with dozens of types of ol es.

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The thousands of streets of the old medina is another thing I love about Fes. And they can be long and narrow and short and wide. And no two are alike…it’s amazing.

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Carpet shops in Fes can be HUGE…located in old riads that have carpets suspended stories above to showcase their huge sizes and grandness.

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The doors in the medina hold so much character and come in all shapes and colors and are definitely a favorite of mine. I often wondered what gorgeous riad was behind some of those doors.

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The thousand year tanneries in the old medina are one of my favorite things. I could watch those men in the holes for hours…seeing how they work, how they strategically make their leathers come to life in colors. What a trecurous job they have. I have never looked at leather the same after I watched them make it. Amazing.


Just 5 of the many things I love about Fes…. 🙂



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