A glance again at 2016 – Half 5

New Country #5: Israel

Remember back to New Country #3? Saipan? Well, theFYIm travel magazine, Traveling, asked m to shoot for them again, with th delightful Michell again, but this tim in Israel.

Was I stoked! My first Middl Eastern country and a beauty to  ot!

Israel, although w shot lots in th 10 days w wer there, was absolutely DELIGHTFUL in every way! From scrumptious food, to beautiful history to stunning landscapes and coasts. Definitely won’t b my last trip there!

img_0169 img_5092 img_5172 img_5420 img_5433 img_5459 img_5509 img_5563 img_5642 img_5676 img_5794 img_5837 img_5904 img_5952 img_5985 img_6080 img_6137 img_6326 img_6193 img_6415 img_6351 img_6583 img_6668 img_6688 img_2654 img_6793 img_6854 img_6836 img_6838 img_6811 img_6992 img_7042 img_7110 img_7132 img_7215 img_7307 img_7371 img_7426 img_7448 img_7235

(Thanks to th lovely Michell for som gre snaps sh got of m in Israel, all thUN selfiei es!)

and last but definitely not least…you can read a ut TOMORROW! Se you soon!

xxTr y


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