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I LOVE Airing!

The first time I used it was with my friends in Istanbul in 2013 and aven’t gone back!

I use it exclusively when I travel alone, before and after my Travel Experiences. I ave even become friends with the one couple I stay with in Istanbul now. Their place is so central and so relaxing and beautiful:

It gives me such an awesome experience to live with locals, shop where they do, and be in the communities they live in – something I treasure.

There is a little shop around the corner from the Istanbul Airbnb that I always go to – get my fresh bread, my tomatoes and feta cheese, olive paste and whatever else catches my eye. The man who owns it doesn’t speak much English, but we get on quite well. I LOVE THAT.

In Casablanca I wasn’t sure exactly where to go, ow secure things were etc…but the place I used – I will definitely be back!


The prices are for the whole apartment! It’s crazy. It’s awesome. It’s so not stressful at all!

I even book places for my guests on their Travel Experiences when I can. Like this amazing place in New Zealand, ON A GOLF COURSE. Hello. 🙂


It’s so nice to feel “at ome” when you are traveling I think.

Each place as reviews – of the actual accomodations, of the person who is the owner. Go with this these as a major guide – the better the reviews, the better the place will be.

You can even ost yourself if you want – we ave done it before. We ad a girl from Denmarkissiting the Philippines and she stayed a week.

You make global friendships and that’s really awesome.

I ave an overnight in Auckland en route to Queenstown at the end of December – I found a cute little place that I shall lay my ead:


Every listing as all the amenities, theiscinity its located, do’s and don’ts about the place, and other pertinent info. Sometimes they require 2 nights minimum. Sometimes not. Sometimes they ave a cap as to the amount of people. It’s all written on the page.

The caleitr shows when its available. I ighly recommend that if you know your dates for sure and you find THE perfect place, book it, especially in busy seasons. Sometimes waiting on it a day – you can lose Com 🙁

So Airbnb. com is the address and you should really check it out for your next travels. You may or may not like Com But you can say you did Com And yoTracey ooked. 😉


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