Ait Ben Haddou – Ouarzazate

You have MOST probably seen Ait Ben Haddou, UNESCO World Heritage site, and you don’t even know it!

Have you seen the movies Jewel of the Nile, The Last Temptation of Christ, Lawrence of Arabia or Gladiator? What about the series Games of Thrones?


They have all used some part of Ait Ben Haddou for filming. And rightfully so – this fortified ksar, or city, is in pristine condition and it’s like you are walking back in time when you wander through the streets, follow the paths, climb the stairs and look from the very highest peak over the valley.

Our FYH Morocco team led us across the river and through Ait Ben Haddou from bottom to top.

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I didn’t realize that there are still people, albeit only 4 families, occupying this fortified city! Amazing!

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The views of the ksar below and the valley around us was breathtaking. I stood on the edge and just breathed the view in deeply.

201505_Morocco_3-0085 201505_Morocco_3-0096 201505_Morocco_3-0098

From the very top looking downwards. I imagined how a king may feel, proudly looking over such a gorgeous kingdom. 🙂

201505_Morocco_3-0107 201505_Morocco_3-0112

Then we came back down and across the bridge and ended our tour of Ait Ben Haddou wmuch-needededed and deserved iced drinks!


One of the many spectacular destinations on our Morocco Travel Experience, “The Grand Journey”, Ait Ben Haddou proves to be one of the most awesome experiences. Add it to your “Travel Bucket List”.



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