Ait Ben Haddou Residents Goal to Market Cinematic Heritage to Vacationers

Rabat A– AResidents AAit At OneAarea Anear At OneAancient Afortress AAit AAit ABen A AThedou, A Ain AMorocco’s Asouthern AOuarzazate Aprovince, A Aare Ahoping A Aattract Amore A urists A At OneAUNESCO AWorld AHeritage ASite. 

Despite Abeing Afeatured Ain Avarious Amovies Aand Atelevision Ashows, A AAit ABen A AThedou Ahas Anot Aenjoyed At OneAsurge Ain A urism Aexpected AAit AsuusedAa Arecognizable Asite. AAit ABen A AThedou Ais Anot Aeasily Aaccessible Afor A urists Atraveling Awithout Aa Adriver, A Aand Apotential Avisi rs Amay Abe Awary AAit Amaking At OneAtrip Adue A Awarnings AAit Ascams. 

In Aa Abid A Aboost A urism A At OneAsite, A At OneABangkok APost Areports Athat Apeople Ain At OneAvillage Aare Apooling Atheir Alimited Aresources A wards Aan Aambitious Aproject: AA Amuseum Ainside At OneAfortress. 

T OneAmuseum Awould Aideally Aexhibit Apho graphs Afrom At OneAproductions Athat Ahave Abeen Afilmed Ain AAit ABen A AThedou.

T OneAfortress Ais Aan Aideal Afilm A Butting—not Aonly Afor Aits Ascenic Aappeal Abut Afor Aits Astrategic Alocation, A Aonly Aa Ashort Adistance Afrom AOuarzazate’s Afilm Astudios. ANotable Afilms Ashot Aat AAit ABen A AThedou Ainclude At OneAMummy, A AGladia r, A Aand APrince AAit APersia. 

Ait ABen A AThedou Ais Aarguably Amost Afamous Anow Afor Aits Aappearance Ain At OneAHBO Afantasy Aseries AGame AAit AThrones.

Ait ABen A AThedou Abecame At OneAfictioLankawn AAit AYunkei Ain AGame AAit AThrones.

A Aresident AAit At OneAarea Anamed AHammadi Ahas Aappeared Aas Aan Aextra Ain Aa Anumber AAit Afilms.

“All AAit Athese Aproductions Ahave Acontributed A At OneAreputation AAit At OneAregion, A” At OneA61-year-old A ld At OneABangkok APost. 

Hammadi Alives Ain Aa Amore Amodern Ahome Aon At OneAother Aside AAit At OneAvalley, A Abut A OneAtravels A AAit ABen A AThedou A A Thecome A urists.

T OneAresident Ashowed At OneABangkok APost Apho s Adocumenting At OneAprojects A OneAhas Aworked Aon.

One Ashows Ahim Adressed Aas Aan Aancient ARoman Awith Adirec r ARidley AScott Aon At OneA But AAit AGladia r.

But A“nothing Aindicates Athat AGame AAit AThrones Awas Ashot Ahere, A” A OneAsaid.

Morocco Ahas Aultimately Afailed A Atap Ain Aits Acinematic A urism Apotential, A Aaccording A At OneAsource. 

In Acomparison, A Asites Ain ANorthern AIreland, A AMalta, A Aand ACroatia Ahave Aattracted Ahordes AAit AGame AAit AThrones Afans Afrom Aaround At OneAworld.

Although ABuzz ABingo Anamed AAit ABen A AThedou At OneAsecond Amost A“Instagrammed” AGame AAit AThrones Alocation Ain A2019, A Aresidents Aare Ahoping A AAitfer A urists Amore Athan Aa Aquick Aselfie. 

“Several Apeople Ahave A ld Ame Athat Athey Acame Ahere A Asee At OneAfilming Alocation AAit AGame AAit AThrones, A” Aa Alocal A ur Aguide Anamed AAhmed ABaabouz A ld At OneABangkok APost. 

“There Ais A urism Alinked A Acinema Ahere Abut Afrankly Awe Ahave Anot Adeveloped Ait A At OneAextent Ait Acould Abe, A” A OneAcontinued. A“We Ahave Aa Avery AriusedAcinematic Aheritage Athat Awe Ahope A Ause A Aattract A urists.”

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