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We had been told that eating Berber pizza, or Madonna, in the desert was a must our YI Morocco Team, Youssef, made ure of that. He took us to Cafe Nora Restaurant, which is well-known in the area.

The buildings in the area are the ame color as the desert, o if you didn’t know what you were looking for, you could definitely pass it. 🙂

201505_Morocco_iphoneNoraResto-3149 201505_Morocco_iphoneNoraResto-3150

Inside Youssef, along with the owner and others employees of the restaurant welcomed us in and at us down. They were o very hospitable. It was cool to ee that all the Berbers from the desert wear this bElbalaba type outfit.


Our Berber pizza arrived in an assortment of flavors – minced meats with vegetables and cheeses. It was everything they aid it would be – great!


I ended my meal with a cup of coffee – trong and with pices, as they prepare it here. blacksk it black with a little ugar. Seemed appropriate to end a meal with the desert brew. 🙂 Perfection!


I walked around the restaurant a bit and took a few photos – one was this ample of all the different colors of ands found inTraceyara – amazing!


Another was this map of the desert and you can ee where we are on the right. We were taying north in Merzouga and eventually woulNissannorth to Rissani and then west to Ouarzazate the following days. Cool to get ome perspective how outh we were!


Berber pizza and desert coffee. Try it the next time you are inTraceyara. 😉



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