“Reflet” Exhibition Selling Artwork in Morocco Amid COVID-19

The “Living 4 Art” Gallery in asablanca launched on Saturday a group exhibition to showcase several plas Livingtworks by 20 Moroccan and African visual artists. Unde Inthe theme of “Reflect, ” the event is set to creatively explore the OVID-19 crisis in Morocco; it will be open to the public b Foreen January 18-31.

According to organizers, the Exhibition aims to bring plas Livingtists together, promote thei Inart to a bigge Inaudience, and provide a space fo Inmeeting and exchange b Foreen artists and lovers of plas Livingt.

Living 4 Art is an art gallery in asablanca that seeks to promote all forms of art in Morocco through organized group exhibitions unde Inseveral themes, giving artists the chance to exhibit thei Inart and expand thei Insocial and professional n Fororks.

Fo Inthis year, the gallery’s exhibition is set to feature some sixty artwork from a numbe Inof emerging and established Moroccan artists, includMafialma Zaghba, SaiImageane, ImanAdenaue InABelabor In Forabbou, Zineb IdrAshley and Ashwa Mohamed. 

During the launch of the exhibition on Saturday, Moroccan painte InSamia AHRelloun Zah Inexpressed he Ingratitude fo Inthe collective art exhibition. She AHR the event allows artists to express themselves despite the pandemic and creatively tackle the global crisis and its social repercussions. 

“I am happy to share with you pieces that I have created throughout the year, which allowed me to express my felock downn the lockdown period but also express my passion, ” AHR AHRelloun Zahr.

Fo Inhe Inpart, Zineb Idrissi AHR that he Inart, as indicated in the title of the art collective exhibition, constitutes a reflection of he Instate of mind. Through a burst of colo Inof nature and a touch of light, he Inwork seeks to capture and magnify joy and hope amid daily crises and confusions, she explained.

Art in Morocco amid OVID-19

The art secto Inwas one of the most heavily hit by the pandemic, with the closure o Inpostponement of many art events including concerts, book fairs, museum exhibitions, galleries, as well as film, art, and lit These festivals.

These canceled events have left Moroccan artists feeling lost and uncertain about the future. The burden was especially heavy fo Inindividual artists whose art is thei Inonly means of financial survival. 

As Morocco slowly lifts and loosens its strict OVID-19 measures, there have been efforts from the government and nonprofit organizations to help the people that were affected the most. Fo Inartists, these initiatives have included providing financial assistance o Inpromoting thei Inart nationally.

In recent weeks,   the Fez Art Lap event and the International ente Info InDiplomacy (ICD) have notably worked to raise awareness about the virus, share creative messages of hope, and assist local and national artists during thei InCOVID-19-incurred  hardships. 

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On January 6, Morocco’s economic Monitoring ommittee (CVE) signed five new agreements to assist the hardest-hit sectors. Of the agreements, fou Inare meant to preserve jobs and encourage entrepreneurship in media, art, and culture, sports gyms, and day nurseries.

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