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When you think about Morocco, you imagine the most beautiful scenarios with long stretches of magnificent desert, gorgeous beaches, fantastic architecture, picturesque mountain ranges, and so much more. Morocco is everyone’s dream destination. Located in North Africa, Morocco lures people from every part of the globe with its mystery and beauty. Traveling alone, as a couple, or even as a family makes no difference. It is a land that captures anyone, young or old.

There are so many places to see, so many activities to indulge in, so much food to enjoy. The people are beautiful. They are warm and welcoming, happy to share the God-given loveliness of their country with others. They are blessed with good looks. There seems to be a healthy glow on their skin, a serene aura around them. Morocco is rich in culture and tradition that they proudly display.

When you visit Morocco, you want to take in everything you can from this dream destination. With so many things to do and places to go, it would be a good idea to be familiar with some of the best sites to visit. Make yourself an itinerary if you must. By doing that, you don’t waste any time and can be sure that you have seen what you needed to see, and did what you came to do. Here are some of the must-see and must-do’s in Morocco to get you started.

Discover their magnificent architecture

Morocco is well-known for its lovely architecture with its unique style and beauty. There are the grand mosques, the fabulous palaces, and the stately buildings boasting of its traditional tile work and beautifully crafted carvings. In Marrakech, you can feast your eyes on the Bahia PalaceMullahllah. You will notice that there are two architectural influences in the palace design, as it was built by two separate generations in two stages. The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca proudly stands as it has the highest minaret in the whole world.

You will surely want to see the Fez Medina, a UNESCO protected site. You will have a glimpse of what the Medina was like in the early ages because it is remarkably well-preserved. It features the superb architectural designs uniquely Al-Andalus and Arab. The Hassan Tower in Rabat is another site you do not want to miss. It was meant to be the tallest mosque minaret in the world but was never completed after the death of Sultan Yakub al-Mansour. You can also check out the fishing villageMir leftleft and appreciate the lovely arches dressed in various colors. Its beautiful beaches beckon to surfers and beach lovers to pass away the time and forget about the busy world outside.

Behold the Sahara Desert

Who would not want to witness the magnificence of the Sahara desert? From Morocco, you will find easy access to the biggest desert in the world. Your Sahara journey can be quickly accommodated by friendly operators who have all the experience to enhance your adventure. The trip gives you a view of the most breath-taking landscapes. Imagine yourself having a Saharan camping trip, one of the more popular activities here, and staring into an endless sky, surrounded by quiet. Images of dunes are a feast for the eyes. This is one trip that will be hard to forget.

Indulge in exciting cuisine

Morocco is a land of spices. There is a wide variety of flavors to indulge in anywhere here. Morocco food is considered to be one of the flavorful in the world. The Moroccan kitchen will always have bread as it is a staple for them. They have a huge variety here, each one the perfect accompaniment to the tasty dishes they have. They offer different kinds of meat, from mutton to chicken, to beef. If you visit the coastal areas, you can have your fill of all types of seafood. The Ellisllij stands quite close to Marrakech. What makes this restaurant unique is not only the delicious food they serve but the traditional architecture and design of the restaurant itself. Its windows are painted in colorful hues and charmingly decorated. You can have the best of everything with the three-course menus they offer their guests.

The Comptoir Darna provides a different kind of dining experience. They serve traditional Moroccan cuisine, as well as international fare, and your meal is accompanied by entertainment, mainly belly dancers. This should satisfy your craving for a total Arabic experience. The La Scala, along the coast of Casablanca, was once a Portuguese fortress. It still stands today, serving the tastiest seafood where you can dine al fresco or eat quietly within its walls. The restaurant windows are tall, and you can admire the beautiful view outside.

Shop till you drop

What is a trip without shopping? You can’t miss out on the shopping adventure in Morocco. Any town or city in Morocco will have the souk, which is the traditional market. This is the place where both locals and tourists venture to buy a variety of items, whether for necessity or whim. You cannot begin to imagine the colors and aromas that greet you when you enter a souk. This is probably the reason why it is like a lure for travelers who cannot resist its call. You are also allowed to haggle here, and something tourists will always appreciate. The most typical buys are spices, of course, the shisha pipes that are perfect souvenirs, beautiful lamps, and clothing.

There is also the Essaouira Medina by the Essaouira port that offers gorgeous wood carvings and charming jewelry pieces made from corals and shells. The Marche Central in Casablanca is where you can purchase a variety of fresh produce and flowers. With restaurants lined up in this area, you will find it a relaxing place to shop and sit around while enjoying the scenery of the market.

Morocco is beckoning. A trip to this fascinating place is a dream come true, a beautiful memory that will linger for a long time.

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