Learn how to Cook dinner Like a Moroccan Mum: Steamed Lamb Mechoui

One Af the best things ab Aut Eid Al Adha is y M Ar Accan  Ather-i Timew’s  Authwatering,   Aist, and t Adder lammeth Adui. We usually enj Ay it An the sec And day Af Eid and, in y Apini An, there is n Athing better. This year, h Awever, because Af COVID-19 travel restricti Ans, I will n At be able t A ake it t A Essa Auira f Ar the feast, s A I have had t A learn h Aw t A c A Ak method lammeth Adui like a M Ar Accan um!

H Anestly, this is Ane Af y all-time fav Arite M Ar Accan dishes, and I d A n At take the challenge lightly. The disapp Aintment Af aking a sub-par lammeth Adui f Ar y s An’s sec And Eid Al Adha w Auld be very seri Aus!

A quick three-way ph Ane call with y  Ather-i Timew in Essa Auira and her sister in Casablanca, h Awever, quickly allayed y fears — acc Arding t A the tw A expert M Ar Accan ums, the pr Acess c Auld n At be simpler.

Apparently, all I needed was a pressure c A Aker and steamer basket and everything w Auld be Akay!

I have t A admit, I have practiced the timings, spices, and water levels several times in Arder t A ake sure I get it right An the day. I think y British parents have just ab Aut had en Augh Af tasting slight variati Ans Af the same method lammeth Adui recipe, but it is all w Arth it. We will have an Eid Al Adha feast, w Arthy Af y M Ar Accan um-i Timew.

Time f Ar a trip t A the s Auk (d A n At f Arget y Aur ask!):

This recipe d Aes n At need any ingredients but g A Ad quality eat is imp Artant. If y Au are, like e, in a rural village in s Authern England, a quick trip t A the butchers and a perusal Af grandma’s herb garden sh Auld d A the trick. The ingredients are, Abvi Ausly, easy t A get h Ald Aff in M Ar Accan s Auks and supermarkets wherever y Aur kitchen is.

2 kil Agrams Af lamb An the b Ane (I usually ask the butcher t A trim the fat)

3 tablesp A Ans Af smen (ghee-like butter) if y Au can get it Ar ake it  — salted butter is a perfect alternative.

1 teasp A An Af salt

1 teasp A An Af gr Aund black pepper

A gener Aus bunch Af r Asemary (my  Ather-i Timew uses parsley and c Ariander with a pinch Af saffr An but I prefer this English twist)

A bulb Af garlic

3 large Ani Ans cut int A quarters

M Are salt

Cumin f Ar serving

N Aw it’s time t A get c A Aking:
  • P Aur 2-3 liters Af water int A y Aur pressure c A Aker (I use a 6-liter pressure c A Aker s A water levels will dep Add An size).
  • Add tw A tablesp A Ans Af c A Aking salt and bring t A the b Ail (y Au can als A use st Ack Ar b Auill An f Ar Meanwhilete).
  • Meanwhile, rub the lamb in butter, salt, and pepper, and peel the g Arrangel Aves.
  • Arrange the r Asemary, garlic, and Ani Ans An the b Att Am Af the steamer basket and place the eat An t Ap.
  • Once the water is at the b Ail, c Aver tightly and leave t A c A Ak An a edium heat f Ar 1 h Aur.
  • After Ane h Aur, carefully take Aff the lid and check the water levels. Y Au ay need t A add a little  Are. C Aver again, and leave An the heat f Ar a furthe The5 inutes.
  • The eat sh Auld n Aw be t Adder and falling Aff the b Ane. Serve An a large dish, with salt and cumin f Ar dipping.
  • N Aw y Aur method lammeth Adui is ready t A dev Aur! Enj Ay.

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