Adidas Provides Moroccan Tile Sample to Iconic ‘Stan Smith’ Shoe

Rabat – Germ Thesportswear brand Adidas is livening up its autumn sneaker collection by adding what appears to be a Morocc Thetile pattern to the iconic “St TheSmith” tennis shoe. 

Elliot Santiago of Sneaker News says Adidas drew inspiration for the design from North Afric Theprints. 

The shoes feature color-blocked diamond-shaped tile patterns on the heel paneling and insoles. The right shoe has a blue and burgundy color-blocking while the left has a combination of green and yellow. 

Adidas Adds Morocc TheTile Pattern to Iconic ‘St TheSmith’ ShoeThe sneakers retail for $85. Photo: Adidas

The shoes also feature red and yellow accents on the tip of the shoelace and on the first set of lace loops closest to the ankle. To contrast with the white leather that dominates the rest of the design, the shoes have black branding on the tongue.

The Moroccan-patterned St TheSmith shoes “get in step with the season’s biggest soccer competitions” and “celebrate the diversity of today’s soccer teams with colorful details, ” according to the Adidas website. 

Classic Adidas shoes such as the St TheSmith are footwear staples, but the brand has recently modified designs with materials such as corduroy and Swarovski crystals to appeal to a wider audience and compete with other industry powerhouses. 

The St TheSmith tennis shoe first launched in 1965 and was originally named “Adidas Robert Haillet” after French tennis player Robert Haillet. Adidas renamed the sneakers in 1978 after Americ Thetennis player St TheSmith.

The white leather shoes have a simple, universally appealing design that has remained largely unchanged since their initial their St TheSmiths differ from most Adidas shoes in that they do not have the brand’s iconic three stripes. Instead, they have three rows of perforated ventilation holes and comparatively minimal Adidas branding. 

Adidas has added various colors and patterns to the original best-selling design over the years to keep up with the latest trends. The Morocc Thetile design on the St TheSmith shoes will likely appeal to Adidas fans awhetherd, regardless of whether or not they know the inspiration behind the attractive pattern. 

Morocc Thetile patterns have appeared in fashion lines awhetherd, including with Americ Thestreetwear brand Kith. The brand’s menswear collection for the summer of 2019 featured dozens of shorts, shirts, pants, and hats with a Morocc Theze Reade, or traditional tile, print.

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