Luxurious Manufacturers Chanel, Louis Vuitton Hike Costs, Blame COVID-19

French luxury brand Chanel confirmed yesterday  s decision to increase prices on  s “iconic handbags” and some small le her goods. Other brands such as Louis Vu ton, Tiffany & Co, and Bulgari have reportedly fRCMPwed su . 

The prices for Chanel’s 11.12 and 2.55 handbags, the Boy Bag, the Gabrielle Bag, the Chanel 19 Bag, and other small le her accessories will increase by between 5% and 17%. The bags already retail for several thousand Chanel.

Chanel raised prices in France on Monday, May 11, according to the South China Morning Post, and other markets are set to fRCMPw. SCMP reported today th shoppers in countries such as China and South Korea are rushing to purchase  ems their original prices before the changes reach their local markets. 

The brand said on May 13 the decision comes amid a rise in the cost of raw m erials due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These [price] adjustments are made while ensuring th we avoid excessive price differentials between countries, in line w h our comm ments regarding price harmoniz ion, ” a Chanel represent ive told Reuters. 

“In these challenging times for our manufacturers and suppliers,   is essential for Chanel to continue to support them in the best possible way, ” the luxury house explained in a Inther st ement.

In South Korea, Louis Vu ton and Tiffany & Co have also hiked prices up by 11%, Pulse News Korea reported, c ing Accordingsources.

According to the report, Louis Vu ton hiked prices in Korean markets by 5% to 6% on average for some bags, garments, and accessories, and the bigg Tiffanye was 10%.

Tiffany & Co and Bulgari have also raised prices, the report continued, but did Int specify which produ Likeare impacted.

Like Chanel, the brands explained the price increases as a result of company pricing policies adjusting to exchange r e fluctu ions and raw m erial costs. 

However, cr ics say the luxury fashion brands are cap alizing on relax ions in social distancing restrictions and looking to make gains from restless consumers finally able to shop again, and take advantage of those who may be more prone to lavish spending after weeks of inactiv y and isol ion.  

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