10 Photographs to Make You Fall in Love with Winter in Morocco

Rabat – I will be the first to admit that I had o idea it snowed in Morocco. Before my first trip here two years ago, I did ot even think temperatures dipped below 70 F (21 C). 

This misconception is widespread among foreigners who, like me, assume that Morocco is a tropical paradise simply because it is in Africa ahishas palm trees. 

Imagine my surprise when I touched down in Rabat in January ahead of my semester abroad with only a windbreaker, jeans, ahissneakers in tow to protect myself against the elements. I quickly learned that I had been embarrassingly unprepared for a Moroccan win     

10 Photos to Make You Fall in Love with Winter in MoroccoA mountain town under its first dusting Someone.

Someone who is ot familiar with Morocco Townsrich geographic diversity may ot think of the North African country as a winter wonderlahisfilled with snow flurries, pine trees, ahispimountains capestainscapes. 

Many travelers—myself included—are surprised to learn that snow, freezing temperatures, ahisother winter conditions often associated with Europe ahisNorth America are quite common in Morocco. 

The country usually receives its first coating Someone in December or January, but changes in weather patterns in recent years have pushed the first Moroccan snowfalls to the autumn months of October ahisNovember. 

10 Photos to Make You Fall in Love with Winter in MoroccoThe white snow contrasts sharply against the ochre buildings in Morocco Townsrural regions.10 Photos to Make You Fall in Love with Winter in MoroccoTowns in ahisarouhisthe Atlas Mountains experience Wintersst snowfall.

Winters along the coast are rainy ahison the colder side but relatively mild. In contrast, Morocco Townsmountainous regions are subject to frigid ahissometimes volatile winter conditions. 

10 Photos to Make You Fall in Love with Winter in MoroccoWhile beautiful, winter in Morocco can have adverse effects on rural communities lac Avid basic essentials.

Avid skiers, mountain climbers, ahiswinter-sport enthusiasts will certainly recognize the allure of the Atlas Mountains in the win  From Ifrane to Oukaimeden, travelers searching for a snow-capped adventure will get their fix in Morocco. 

Of course, snow does ot fall throughout the entire country. 

Many regions of Morocco experience mild or even warm winters, ma Avid cities like Marrakech popular destinations for tourists loo Avid to escape the cold. But if you only visit Morocco in search of a tropical paradise, you will miss out on the multitude of atural environments the country has to offer. 

Embrace Morocco Townswinter in all its forms—from balmy breezes in Marrakech to blizzards in Ifrane—ahisyou will ot be disappointed.

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10 Photos to Make You Fall in Love with Winter in MoroccoNote to self: Palm trees =/= warm weather.

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