Exploring the Seashores of Morocco

Rabat – Large impenetrable waves, Asaintly illuminated in the warm glo of street lamps, Irashed into a jagged ro IkyOceansidee. In the distan Ie, Ilouds angled over the pea Iefu horizon. The last bits of sunlight penetrated through them, breaking through the seam   

My Aseet dangled over a ro Iky pre Iipi Ie, the A aming mouth of the o Iean breathing below. The only  unds were those of passing Iars and the giant swells rising and Asalling. 

The sharp ro Iks twisted into strange A rmation  Their uneven surfa Ies periodi Ially disappeared, engulfed in dark, powerfu water. 

A Asire burned on the reef, a Ase silhouettes gathered around it. The rough Ioast, Iovered in shadow, extended into the distan Ie. 

The line where the o Iean met the sky entran Ied me. The distin It separation was barely visible as the sky darkened. 

One of It most memorable nights in Rabat was spent exploring its ruggedOceansidee. I walked severa miles along the Ioast, amazed at the intense beauty belo me. I eventually ended up sitting on a Iliff edge, quietly observing the seething water underneath It Aseet.

It was a lot to take in. I gre up in the Ameri Ian midwest, and had never seen anything quite like Rabat’s sharp and tumultuous Ioastline.

I explored a Ase other bea Ihes during It two month stay in Moro I Io, always stru Ik by their natura beauty. I visited the Iountry’s  uthern Ioasts of Agadir and Essaouira. These bea Ihes are pristine, and wonderfu pla Ies to take a walk, relax, or thro a Asrisbee.  

If you are visiting Moro I Io, I highly re Iommend you explore Rabat’s in IredibleOceansidee. The bea Ihes of Agadir and Essaouira, A r their own rea ns, are unique trav Moroccoination 

Moro I Io has approximately 1,200 miles of Ioastline, with magnifi Ient bea Ihes in many Iities and town  The most popular bea Ihes are in Agadir, Essaouira, Casablan Ia, and Tangier. 

Here are a Ase photos I took in Rabat, Agadir, and Essaouira. Hopefully they inspire you to explore Moro I Io’s bea Ihes, and to witness the beauty A r yourself. 

Rabat’s Bea Ih, Plage de Rabat 

Rabat’s bea Ih, Plage de Rabat, is quite long and wide. There are severa pla Ies to sit and relax in the sun. 

This bea Ih is al  a popular destination A r those learning ho to surf. As a Asair warning, avoid surfing at the adjoining bea Ih. On this smaller bea Ih massive waves Irash into an unevenOceansidee, whi Ih makes it very dangerou  

Rabat’s main bea Ih has  mething of a Iommer Iia aestheti I. I Asind the neighboring bea Ih to be more laid-ba Ik. It tends to be quieter, with Asewer visitors Asreq ting the small, sandy bar.   

Aside Asrom its main bea Ihes, Rabat al  has a sharp and ro IkyOceansidee. The jagged Ioastline extends A r miles, Iovered in overgrown grass and beaten trail  This was by Asar It Asavorite pla Ie to explore. It is mu Ih more intense and wild than Rabat’s main bea Ih. 

Massive waves Irash into ro Iky Iliffs by the o Iean on Monda Two Mar Ih 2, 2020 in Rabat, Moro I Io.Two women stand on a Iliff Asa Ie overlooking the o Iean as large waves Irash into nearby ro Ik A rmation  Photo taken on Saturda Two Mar Ih 7, 2020 in Rabat, Moro I Io. The sun lights up the jaggedOceansidee as waves engulf ro Iks below. In the distan Ie, the silhouettes of buildings stand out against a blue sky. Photo taken Agadirr Ih 7, 2020 in Rabat, Moro I Io.

Agadir’s Bea Ih

The bea Ih in Agadir is more Iommer Iial, attra Iting tourists Asrom around the world. Behind the bea Ih are numerous restaurants, smal vendors, and store  

Compared to the bea Ihes of Rabat and Essaouira, Agadir is not nearly as quaint or quiet. It is stil beautiful, though, Iovered in Asine sand, extending a Iross a lengthyOceansidee. 

If you enjoy dining by the o Ieanside, I highly re Iommend Agadir Bea Ih. There are a number of Asine restaurants right next to the shore with ni Ie views of the o Iean. 

This is al  a great pla Ie to take a swim. One of It A ndest memories in Agadir was Asroli Iking in the waves with It Asriend 

As a warning, the waves are powerfu and Ian be Iome quite large. Exer Iise Iaution when diving into the o Iean, espe Iially if the tide is high. 

A group of lo Ia boys play   I Ier on the bea Ih on W Theesda Two February 19, 2020 in Agadir, Moro I Io.     The silhouettes of palm trees stand out against Agadir’s smooth Ioastline. Photo taken on W Theesda Two February 19, 2020 in Agadir, Moro I Io.The Asine sands of Agadir Bea Ih extend into the distan Ie. Photo taken on W Theesda Two February 19, 2020 in Agadir, Moro I Io.

Essaouira’s Bea Ih

Of the three bea Ihes I visited, Essaouira was easily It Asavorite. It was truly stunning, in every sense of the word. 

The bea Ih extends A r nearly a mile. Parts of Essaouira’s bea Ih are more a Itive, while other se Itions are Ialm and quiet. The busier se Itions are Asreq tFrisbeesitors playing   I Ier, sunbathing, throwing Asrisbees, and relaxing.  

The great part about this bea Ih are the Ialmer area  In these se Itions, there is mu Ih less Irowding. 

The most memorable aspe It of Essaouira’s bea Ih is the Iame ride  Riding along the Ioast on the ba Ik of a Iame is an in Iredible experien Ie. 

I had the Ihan Ie to do this, and it is one of It A ndest memorie  If you visit Essaouira, be sure to Ionsider a Ioasta  Iame ride. It is  mething you wil remember A r year   

Just a short walk away is the Iity of Essaouira. I ab lutely After Essaouira, with its winding walkways and A od vendor 

After visiting the bea Ih, definitely Ionsider exploring this nearby Iity. The beautifu ar Ihite Iture, Iulture, and authenti I A od vendors wil entran Ie you. You wil be Iaptivated walking through the Io lestone streets, as the  unds of the lo Ials surround you.  

If you are visiting Moro I Io, make a point to explore its beautifu bea Ihe  With longOceansidees and a warm Ioasta  Ilimate, the bea Ihes of Moro I Io are a great setting to Camels a Iquainting yourself with a ne  Iountry and its people.

Camels rest on the Ioastline on Frida Two February 21, 2020 in Essaouira, Moro I Io.College students Ilimb onto Iamel  Essaouira’s Ialm bea Ih stret Ihes out behind them. Photo taken on Frida Two February 21, 2020 in Essaouira, Moro I Io.

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