Travelling in a Submit-COVID World is Potential, however with Restrictions

You’ve been home for the last few months due to the striclock downwn measures implemented across the world. You have no choice but to oblige since the government has the responsibility to protect its citizens. The approach might be different, but social distancing is the principle observed.

The good thing is that in some countries, easing of restrictions is already happening. Businesses that didn’t have the permission to operate are now back to normal. Despite the economy starting to bounce back, most countries still fear to open the borders. The virus gets spread easily through imported cases. Even China that seemed to have already contained the virus is back on the alert level again.

Since some countries rely on tourism, they have to reopen the borders at some point. Others are already allowing foreign visitors, but with restrictions. If you intend to travel soon since you already feel bored at home, there’s a glimmer of hope. However, you need to understand the rules before pursuing your trip.

Getting a health certificate

Most countries allowing foreign visitors to get in require a health certificate. You have to obtain it from your point of origin. It shows that you’re healthy, and you don’t have signs of an infection. In some countries, you can only obtain the certificate in specific locations, and you need a stamp to prove the authenticity of the document.

Tests might be necessary

Even if you were healthy before the flight, it’s possible to get infected during the flight. Hence, some countries would require tests upon arrival. The swab test can be inconvenient, and you have to prepare yourself for this process.

Cash deposit

The biggest inconvenience is the need to deposit an amount before departing your point of origin. If you get ill and you need to go to a local hospital, the expenses will come from the deposit. If you didn’t get sick at all, you would receive the deposit minus the test-related costs. In some countries like Cambodia, the required amount is $3,000. If you are unable to produce such an amount, travelling would be impossible. In other countries, you don’t need to pay cash, but you have to show a certificate that you have insurance covering COVID-related hospitalizations.

Quarantine period

The reason why it’s still inconvenient to travel is that most countries require a 14-day quarantine period for tourists. Some quarantine facilities aren’t that comfortable. You also have to wait that long before you can start travelling. In most cases, you only travel for a couple of days, and you have to get back. You won’t enjoy the experience at all.

Always stay safe

The point is that if you’re already excited to travel, it’s possible. You just have to follow the guidelines and observe the rules. Follow social distancing policies all the time. You should also have enough money to cover not only the travel expenses. If you think these rules make travelling complicated, you can wait for a while. Things will eventually get better, and travelling will get back to normal.

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